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Danubia Saxophon Quartett

The new classical sound

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„The right kind of music can make you forget everything or bring back all your memories!“


Performance Danubia Saxophone Quartet
Invite the Danubia Saxophone Quartet Vienna for your company celebration with music before and after and also for private events:

  • Background music
  • Dinner music
  • An „American night“
  • Classic brunch with Baroque Music „Sax goes Baroque“
  • The "Großglockner Myth" (Multimedia Show with Martin Gratz and his Trumpet)
  • "The Danube" (Multimedia show with the ensemble „Sound of the Danube“
  • Ethno-Classic (from Athens to Zaire)

Solo-Performance Harald Mueller
Saxophone performance at its best! Invite Harald Mueller for company – and private events accompanied by Piano- or E-Piano. Program selection from his varied repertoire of divers genres in consultation with the organizer.
Duration: by arrangement

Pro-Am lesson with Harald Mueller
Saxophone lessons geared to the wishes, requests and ideas of the clients. Whether beginners or advanced players, the posibilities of continuating their musical education are almost inexhaustible at every level.

  • Work on the correct lip
  • Control of the position of the tip of the tongue for a correct impulse
  • Realization of the clients personal imagination of sound
  • Correction of client`s posture to prevent problems with the spinal column
  • Discussion about the choice of the optimal mouthpiece and instrument
  • Technique of breathing
  • Advice about literature

Workshop „Teambuilding“
An intensive rehearsal goes along with an increase in knowledge both in  elementary areas of music as well as in the history of music. Find out what it means to take on responsibility in a group,  in an exclusive workshop with Harald Mueller, learn  why mutual support and consideration are of enormous importance and how the teamspirit can be strengthened.

  • Making music together with staff members (irrespective of their instruments)
  • Mutual support
  • Increase of the ability to concentrate
  • Development and strengthening of the team spirit
  • Go through a special musical and social experience while following a common goal.

Lecture: "A daily holiday for the brain“
A lecture about mental relaxation by learning how to play an instrument and by exercising it.

Lecture: "Saxophone – an instrument of fashion?"
The invention, the patent, background of the invention, initial entry, further development, the Saxophone during the time of the Nazis, acceptance and use in different genres.

Lecture:  "Saxophone in the Opera – Error or Enrichment?“
A critical reflection from a point of view of musicians and listeners. The great variety of sound of a Saxophone has so many facets that a concrete recognition respectively telling of a Saxophone in an orchestra is impossible.
The play of  composers with voices and saxophone in an opera involves many a surprise.



Harald Mueller – Sopranosaxophone
Alfred Reiter-Wuschko – Altosaxophone
Barbara Strack-Hanisch – Tenorsaxophone
Peter Girstmair – Baritonesaxophone

The Danubia Saxophone Quartet got acquainted with each other while studying at the University of Music in Vienna and has been working on a distinctive sound ever since their foundation in 1999. After this long period of intensive cooperation one might say they developed a compromise between the „French School“ and a „Viennese Sound“.
By now the Danubia Saxophone Quartet calls a comprehensive discography its own which comprises  9CDs  and 1 DVD. In addition they have published all the commissioned works of Austrian Composers in a separate edition. The ensemble has made it their business to present contemporary music which goes right  to the bottom of people`s hearts. Their repertoire extends from the very beginning of literature  about saxophones  and transcriptions to commissioned works of famous Austrian composers. This quartet is therefore a successful enrichment in the field of European Chambermusic. They have already been invited by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Mozarteum Salzburg and the National Symphony Orchestra Taiwan. Competitions and Concert –Invitations  took the ensemble to many countries in Europe and in Asia.

Harald Mueller
Born 1971 in Linz/Upper Austria, he began his musical career at the age of 10 on the clarinet. In addition to the clarinet he took up lessons on the saxophone in 1985. After graduation in 1989,  he completed his compulsary service for the Austrian Army in the military band of Upper Austria. Afterwards he began his studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and took up Instrumental Education and Classic Saxophone with Prof. Otto Vrhovnik. He finished university in 1996 and received  his  degree as „Magister Artium“ with distinction.  In 1999 he took up  studies in the subject Concerto Clarinet with Prof. Peter Schmidl.
With pianist Clemens Kudla he gives concerts under the name „Ensemble Bicolore“. He has been  a  Music teacher (saxophone and clarinet)  since 1994 and  director of the Music School in Schlägl, Upper Austria,  since 2013.
He has had engagements for Concerts and Tours throughout Europe and Overseas by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera, the Stage Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Bavarian State Opera Munich, the Camerata Salzburg, the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg and the Mozart Quartet Salzburg.
He has produced 8 CDs and 1 DVD with the „Danubia Saxophone Quartet Vienna“ and 1 CD with the „Ensemble Bicolore.“

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