Prof. Dr. Clemens Hellsberg

Prof. Dr. Clemens Hellsberg

Longtime board of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

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Book Prof. Dr. Clemens Hellsberg

„Not the role he assumes shapes a human being, a human being must shape the role he assumes!“


Lecture: „Management and Leadership“ / Premium: Solo Performance
Precondition for success and glory is hard work on the part of the single member as well as the whole group. Prof. Dr. Hellsberg has been chairman of the executive committee of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for 17 years, longer than any other member of the committee in the history of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. What leadership means to him is the subject matter of his lecture on „Management and Leadership.“
Available: Lecture / or Lecture plus Performance

Lecture: „The history of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra“ 
Following his previous publications Prof. Dr. Clemens Hellsberg gives a lecture on the top ranking position the famous orchestra holds as cultural and sociopolitical factor in Austrian society, framed by funny and sad episodes, touching and contemplating stories.
Available: Lecture only / Lecture plus performance

Lectures on topics about the history of music
Dr. Hellsberg offers lectures on biographies of composers and introductions into famous compositions at your event.
Further information on arrangement

Discussions / Interviews:
Invite Dr. Hellsberg for an interview, a panel discussion or as guest of honour for events about music history or cultural and educational policy.

Meet & Greet
Get to know Dr. Hellsberg personally. He will take the time to talk to you, sign autographs and answer your questions.

Excerpts from Literature / Autograph Sessions
Invite Dr. Hellsberg for excerpts from his publications including an autograph session.

His publications so far:

  • „Democracy of Kings. The History of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.“
  • „Despite the Roar of Cannons: Report of a Virtuoso from the Frontline“ (published in cooperation with Prof.DDr. Oliver Rathkolb)
  • „Philharmonic Encounters: The world of the members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra -a mosaic.“
  • „The world of the members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra“ (published in cooperation with Daniel Schmutzer and photographer Jeanette Handler)
  • Ilustrated book: „Herbert von Karajan“ (Preface: Authors Erich Lessing, Rainer Bischof)



  • Born: March 28th, 1952 in Linz (Upper Austria)
  • 1956: First violine lessons from his father, Prof. Dr. Eugene Hellsberg
  • 1970:Graduation from College in Vienna
  • 1970/71: Service in the Austrian Army
  • 1971: Studies with Professor Eduard Melkus
  • 1971-1975: Academic studies in musicology
  • 1975: Academic Studies with Prof. Alfred Staar
  • 1976: First engagement in the Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera (2nd violine)
  • 1978: First violinist in the Orchestra oft he Vienna State Opera
  • 1980: Acceptance into the Association of the members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  • 1993: Member of the Austrian Court Orchestra
  • 1980: Graduation Dr. phil. (musicology)
  • 1980: Appointment as archivist of the Historic Archive oft he Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  • 1990-1993 and 1996-1997: Vice Chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  • 1997-2014: Chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  • From 1985: Publications in the field of musicology in leaflets of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, in various music journals and record supplements as well as numerous lectures in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.
  • 1993/1994: Translation of „Democracy of Kings“ into French and Japanese.
  • 2015: Publication of „Despite the Roar of Cannons“ by Fritz Kreisler in cooperation with Prof. DDr. Rathkolb (The Braumüller Publishing Company)
  • 2015: Publication of the Book „“Philharmonic Encounters. The World of the Members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra -  a Mosaic“ (The Braumüller Publishing Company)
  • 2016: Retirement
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