The Philharmonia Schrammeln

The Philharmonia Schrammeln

The Pearl in Vienna's Musical Culture

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"Schrammel music - a far cry from sentimental wining and dining music as a concert experience."


Schrammel music is a unique part of Vienna`s Musical Heritage named after two brothers (Johann and Joseph Schrammel) and is performed by five musicians (2 violins, clarinet, concertina and contra-guitar). This kind of both  lighthearted but also melancholy music is usually played in a winery but the „Philharmonia Schrammeln“ turn it into an unforgettable treat in concert!
Enjoy an evening with old „Viennese Folk Culture“ at it´s highest level. This kind of music has always been among Vienna`s most famous music and you are going to hear it in its original version.
Besides the two Viennese Violins played by Johannes Tomboeck and Dominik Hellsberg, you will hear Hannes Moser (clarinet in high G), Guenter Haumer (Old Viennese Concertina) and Heinz Hromada (Contra-Guitar).



The Philharmonia Schrammel – Group has been an institution in Vienna for decades. It got its name in the nineteenseventies when Philharmonic Violinist Alfons Egger took over the former Spilar-Schrammel-Group. Even before that takeover musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra enthusiastically played the classical repertoire of the Schrammel Brothers with their original instruments.
The Philharmonia Schrammeln Vienna have enjoyed unbroken popularity for four decades even among an audience whose primary interest does not include Folk Music.
Their yearly participation in music festivals like the „Schubert-Festival“ in Hohenems/Schwarzenberg or their regular appearences in the "Wiener Musikverein" are proof of their popularity. Regular concert tours take them to North America, East-Asia and many European countries.
Their performances have been recorded many times, especially on the 15 CDs  with „Viennese Songs“, from the famous „Krems-Album“ starring Angelika Kirchschlager, Walter Berry and Heinz Zednik.

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